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Berlin-based experienced ruby on rails developer, with product management knowledge.

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Very experienced developer looking to advance your business goals, and will brain storm with you in your Berlin office. I can help you build your team, as you advance your roadmap, and team lead, so that I leave you in a good state by the end of Summer.

Tend towards the server-side in code, with tdd using rspec, and as much collaboration as possible using pair-programing and ensemble (mob) programming too, to avoid knowledge silos, and ensure we're progressing towards business goals.

I tend to work full-time, but only 3 or 4 days for clients due to ongoing admin and training, as well as side-projects.

I will also be available remotely in Winter, or you are welcome to also come to Málaga, where I can find us an office.

Would be able to get involved with the initial stages of a project from March, but wont be in Berlin until mid-April. Happy to form a remote collaborative team though :)