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I am a Ruby on Rails developer with over 4+ years of experience. Love solving problems but also making the UI look 👌

Currently enjoying working with Rails, Hotwire, Stimulus, Postgresql, Minitest and Tailwind.

Aside from rails I have also experience working with technologies such as Vue, React, Angular 1.x and AlpineJS

Some of the things I have worked on:

1. Women's only membership platform where users hold each other accountable for their intentions, connect, share resources, and attend various talks and workshops.

2. Suicide prevention platform to allow organizations to signup, invite users and take courses on suicide prevention. Rails API + React project which integrated with an LMS.

3. Several internal applications as MVP's for businesses such as CRM, Equipment Management, HR, etc.

In addition to being a strong Rails developer, I also have vast experience in Business operations and Sales from a previous life.