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I will save your company time and money through automation and speeding up test suites.

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Hi there! Over the past 7 years, I've saved over 1000 person-hours ($60k+/year) across various Rails projects and teams. Here are some examples of time savings I made:

- 8 weeks/year by speeding up test suites
- 7 weeks/year by speeding up a regularly-used Make command
- 4 weeks/year by automating recurring manual tasks
- 10 weeks/year by eliminating and shortening meetings
- 2 weeks/year by automating the setup of a new Mac so that new Rails engineers could be up and running within minutes of opening their new laptop with a complete dev environment, all their Mac apps, and macOS preferences.

There are very likely similar time-saving opportunities at your company. I can identify them for you and create a detailed report with recommendations. If that sounds useful to you, I'd love to hear from you.