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Full stack developer specializing in web apps built on Rails with Stimulus, and mobile apps using Ionic with Vue.


I am a senior software developer with over 18 years of experience building and designing mobile and web apps.

Over the years I’ve worked with numerous languages including C#, Java, Javascript, Typescript and Objective-C, but my current speciality includes building scalable APIs and web apps in Ruby on Rails with Stimulus, and hybrid mobile apps using Ionic Framework, Capacitor and Vue.js. I also have a lot of knowledge with AWS EC2, Beanstalk, S3, Cloudfront, Route 53, as well as Firebase infrastructure.

For the web, I believe Rails is not just a development framework, but also a development philosophy that teaches good programming practises like MVC, DRY, KISS, separation of concerns, and self-documenting code. I’ve carried those same Rails principles over into everything I develop regardless of language.

For mobile, I began developing mobile apps back in 2003 when the first generation of smartphones were just being released, long before iOS or Android even existed. Since then I've helped corporate clients, nonprofit organizations and UN agencies develop mobile apps to gather data, engage their community or empower citizens using mobile technology.

The same mobile design principles I learned in those early days like utilizing limited screen space and handling unreliable connections still apply even more today, and continue to help me build world class mobile applications.