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Open-minded full stack developer, focused on software quality, passionate about open-source, loves to learn new things and share lessons learned with others.

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When starting as a professional software developer around 16 years ago I joined a company with five people that I was happy to lead and support to become one of the biggest national ecommerce experts at that time. Throughout this journey I was working on more than hundred projects in the roles of a software engineer, scrum master and project manager.

In 2016 I decided to take a step back and solely focus on software development, joined a startup in the video conferencing business where I plan, build and maintain software services to the current date. By providing remote communication solutions I continuously practiced working with the latest (web) technology, and with high usage and user expectations I am trained to build very stable and scalable products. Ruby is my programming environment of choice. I love the Ruby community and Ruby on Rails as a framework that I’ve been using since version 4.0 (afair). Additionally I love to share my knowledge. Therefore I mentor at Exercism in the tracks of Ruby, JavaScript and Go.