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Committed to a growth mindset, I embrace challenges as opportunities for learning, persist through setbacks, and continuously strive for improvement as a developer.

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I'm Ishaq Marashy, a passionate software developer based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. With a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Heriot Watt University and certifications in Google IT Support and Full Stack Software Development from Coursera, I bring a strong educational foundation to my work.

My journey as a developer is marked by a commitment to continuous learning. I've honed my skills in JavaScript, Python, SQL, and various web technologies, including HTML, CSS, Node.js, ReactJS, Express, Django, and more. I've also gained valuable experience in database systems such as MongoDB, MySQL, IBM Cloudant, and PostgreSQL.

What sets me apart is my growth mindset. I thrive on challenges and have a track record of turning setbacks into opportunities for improvement. I'm passionate about leveraging technology to make a positive impact, whether it's streamlining processes or enhancing user experiences.