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Full-Stack Web Developer. Rails, React, Redux, JavaScript. With love with pair programming.

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Hello!, I'm a full-stack development student at Microverse, an online software development school that teaches development through pair programming and real-world projects. I am open to new opportunities.

I have gained soft skills like effective communication,problem-solving, multi-tasking, teamwork, and working with tight deadlines. I also know how to learn new languages quickly! I have already created some projects in Javascript and React js.

Front-End: JavaScript, React, Redux, Angular, react-bootstrap, Bootstrap, SASS, HTML5, CSS3
Back-End: Ruby, PostgreSQL, Ruby on rails, Rspc rails.
Tools & Methods: Git, GitHub, Heroku, Netlify, Mobile/Responsive Development, TDD, Dev Tools, Webpack, VSCode, Jest.
Professional: Remote Pair-Programming, Teamwork, Mentoring, and Agile Methodologies.

I look forward to knowing about the possibility of me getting into a Full Stack development position in your company. Let's schedule a Zoom Chat!