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Sr. RoR + React/Vue dev Fullstack Dev

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As a full-stack software developer focusing on the Ruby on Rails framework, I have been working on various projects from Project Optimization, School Education, and Online cloud funding.

Below are some of the skills and technicals I have worked with:

  1. Use Ruby 1.8-3.0, Rails 3.0-7.0
  2. Traditional MVC model, API server/SPA splitter structure
  3. Monolithic RoR and modern microservice RoR
  4. Familiar with various modern javascript frameworks, react, nextjs, vuejs, and vanilla javascript
  5. Config docker, docker-compose and terraform
  6. Config automation CI/CD, such as circleci, gitlab ci, and deploy to Heroku, Azure, and Aws

Some achievements I am proud of:
• Integrate Vuejs to traditional HAML, ERB frontend
• Independent React frontend communicating with backend Rails API by GraphQL
• Convert stripe checkout to multiple payment wallet accepting stripe payment element
• Oauth providers integrations such as Google, Facebook
• 3rd API integrations, such as Telegram Bot, SMS, Email, Stripe, and Adyen
• Implementing Multi-tenancy app by rails_multisite gem