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Experienced Software-Engineer with a passion for simplicity

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Hello friend,

if you're seeking an experienced part-time rails dev with experience in DevOps and software-architecture-design, you might have found a match just now!

I've worked with software in production for over 8 years - mostly rails projects, but also other technologies. While working in Start-Ups and medium sized companies I learned the do's and don't's of building software. Thus an "appropriate" test-coverage and a running CI/CD are mandatory for my projects and already saved me (and my customers) a lot of trouble. Whenever possible I try to stick to plain rails + turbo, occasionally flavouring my projects with a bit of VueJS.

So, if you need someone who's able to convert your idea into a maintainable production-system or you just need someone who can give you a hand during crunch time, leave me a message.