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15 Year Professional Full Stack Web Dev, 10 Years in Ruby on Rails, CS Degree

I love Ruby on Rails and have used it since version 1.2! Worked for both Fortune 500 companies, and for startups with Fortune 500s as clients. Extensive experience in leading teams and end-to-end implementation of projects while controlling for scope and budget. Have a B.S. in Computer Science, and 15 years professional experience. 10 of which were using Ruby on Rails full time. Can do front end, back end, and devops. Experience with CI/CD and performance optimization across the entire stack. Have integrated with APIs including Salesforce, Stripe, and proprietary APIs for ETL pipelines in B2B environments. Developed APIs for external client use. Deep understanding of C/C++ and some knowledge of the Ruby interpreter. Have written automated PDF ingestion and web scraping pipelines. Can take a product from conception to launch, then day 2 operations and beyond. Experience with all aspects of software development including requirements definition, wireframing, UI/UX, software architecture, test driven development, deployment, and operations. Extensive experience running and participating in agile development teams using Kanban/Scrum style tools like Pivotal and Trello. Have hired engineers and managed development teams. 8 years experience of professional fully remote work. I know Turbolinks, React, and pure DOM coding with JavaScript, and TypeScript. Have experience with Node and Electron apps, as well as the tooling ecosystem around JavaScript, for example Webpack. Deep knowledge of HTML, CSS, and even Photoshop. Also have experience building marketing websites and creating/revamping corporate branding. I have all three Kubernetes certifications, the AWS Solutions Architect Associate, and the Terraform certification. I work well with teams, would describe myself as diplomatic, and pride myself in being reliable and available. Can provide more information about my career as well as references upon request.

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