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10yr+ Proud Generalist | Chaotic Good Empath | Lean Ops/Backend | Bug Whisperer | Senior thru Co-Founder

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Seasoned code wrangler with over a decade in Ruby on Rails and a past life as a social worker and policy researcher. I've got a knack for translating geek speak for humans and wrangling stakeholder needs into delighted users and maintainable code. Somehow, most days, I still like my IDE. Looking to land in a place where code meets impact. Full stack developer that has spent over a decade in the Ruby/Rails ecosystem. I lean ops -> backend, but I can get in there and wrangle JS components and CSS if need be. I often wear at least a little bit of a product manager hat, have been a team lead on large projects, and I even try to remember to write documentation and technical briefs. I'm longwinded in slack, shy in person, didactic and friendly in code reviews, and occasionally down a rabbithole. Loves: Wrangling weird bugs and annoying APIs, refactoring, clear code (for the humans) and good tests (for the robots), figuring out the best places to deliver maximum impact and shipping quickly, teaching myself new things, compassionate communication and collaboration with multiple stockholders, making weird things happen in the CI pipeline Not so loves: JS in general, jerks, arrogance, watching junior developers not get the support they need and thinking it is their fault, refreshing staging for an hour wondering why my debugger isn't getting hit. -- Have worked in startups at all stages of their life cycle as both an introverted grumpy solo developer and team leader, helped make product decisions, mentored other developers, deleted prod a few times, etc. I chafe a bit at schedules, but occasionally I'll figure out a big that would have been a big problem in the future at 3am and just fix it. Love fixing those things. I can meeting during normal human hours though. -- Open to short and long term contracts and FTE for the right fit. Prefer chill flat organizations where everyone likes and respects each other and just gets stuff done. I've shipped features faster at those organizations than any that were focused on relentless hustle. -- Tell me why you believe in your tech and I'll tell you about one of my weird side projects like a Led Zeppelin button or a confessional that floats in the air. -- Have PhD level statistics classes buried in my brain somewhere, know my way around python and some data analysis, have built ETL pipelines - if it has to be done, I'll try to figure out a way to get it done. And the longer you hang around this world, you realize the most important programming language is being able to talk to people in kind and useful ways. -- Senior enough to know that sometimes it's the code you don't write that solves the problem ;) Junior enough to still get excited every time I make LEDs blink with magic words.

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Professional Problem Solver | Persistent Achiever

Looking to transition into software/web development. I’m currently a Broadband Technician for an ISP, where I specialize in troubleshooting technical issues and resolving customer problems using my curiosity and communication skills, along with empathy for their situation. A large part of my job is to understand the customer’s needs, fix their issue, then explain what I did in easy to understand terms. What I do daily: - Mentor new technicians - Chunk projects into tasks for efficient workflow - Work with customers and fellow technicians to resolve issues - Take ownership of my work - Show up with a positive attitude I love learning and get excited when i discover something new or something new clicks. For example: I learned about the concept of Self when building my Habit Hatch app, a concept that I didn't quite understand until I started studying Metaprogramming Ruby 2 by Paolo Perrotta. def reset! date = DateTime.now.beginning_of_day self.update(started_at: date, ends_at: 29.days.from_now.beginning_of_day) end This snippet from my habit app shows how the app uses the concept of Self to reset that object. I also struggled with making each day a specific color dependent on whether or not it had been checked that you completed a task that day. I was really excited when I not only got it working, but got it down to a simple ternary operator in erb: checked_days.include?(day.to_s) ? 'rgb(90, 106, 250)' : 'rgb(249,249,249)' That project illuminated a lot of what I'd only read about and made the MVC framework much clearer. I'm pushing myself more now by building an API based project that will incorporate Hotwire and TailwindCSS.

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