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Endlessly curious former electrical engineer turned full-stack developer after graduating from Flatiron. Experience in JavaScript | React | Redux | Ruby | Rails | CSS | Material-UI | SQL.

After spending approximately a decade practicing electrical design, installation & repair initially in the aviation sector and then in the marine sector, I decided to learn something new. The software environment is ever evolving while the electrical installation field is quite repetitive. Flatiron gave me the chance to enter a new world full of tools and techs that are endlessly interesting. For example, I recently adapted active storage into my rails application that is saved to the postgreSQL database instead of hosted on a cloud service. The use of blobs encouraged me to learn about the JavaScript Blob() and File() constructors that I was previously unaware of. That is what is continuing to draw me into development on a daily basis. I am passionate about learning to code, helping others to code and building useful applications that people can use to improve their jobs or lives. I have a vast amount of experience in troubleshooting and fault-finding. It has served me well during my time at Flatiron. Without that experience, I imagine that every error I had to work through would have taken exponentially more time. While electrical and software engineering are different fields, fault-finding is always about tracing the correct progression of events in a system and determining the point at which the progression stops. My personal preference is that debugging in software is more fun than building applications. Problem solving is a practical knowledge that comes from experience and I enjoy practicing it.

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More than ready for Primetime

I'm a Software Engineer based in New Jersey. Rails is my specialty, but I'm a generalist with multiple years of exposure to both the Ruby and JavaScript universes. I know how to build Ruby applications without Rails as well, having worked with Sinatra. I also have a good relationship with RSpec. I've taken a long and winding road to my career as a developer. I've worked in Higher Education, Civil Service, and Nonprofit, always in technology-adjacent roles, but I wasn't ready to commit to a software engineering career until I found a reason to settle down. So I spent a handful of years studying, learning and coding, and now I'm an early career Rails developer with a thorough grounding in algorithms and system design. I'm the creator of TextSomebody, an application that allows users to initiate a text-message conversation with any SMS-enabled device, and to share the contents of that conversation through a unique URL. It makes use of websockets for real-time page updates, and integrates with Twilio's Programmable SMS API. Before deciding to focus on Rails, I co-created Able, an A/B testing framework for Jamstack applications that uses Cloudflare's edge computing platform to serve different variants of static assets from the CDN on a per-request basis. Like I said, I'm devoted to the Rails framework. However, I'm not just a Rails programmer. I'm a Ruby programmer who's also fluent in JavaScript, with experience in frontend technologies like React and HTML/CSS as well. In summary, I'm a dedicated, hungry nerd with an abundance of curiosity and creativity. If you run Rails and you're looking for teammates, we should definitely talk!

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Junior Dev with an artistic background and a creative approach to problem solving.

I believe my work history showcases a balance between a broad degree of technical knowledge, customer-facing hospitality, and mentorship, coupled with an excellent foundation in software engineering fundamentals. My most recent project build (utilizing; Ruby, React, PostgreSQL) is a web app that helps artists generate new musical ideas while fostering a sense of collaboration and community. Additionally, I’ve started doing contract work for Pushgig/ATXOnstage where I handle data aggregation and management for music- related sites using Node.js and Typescript requiring various API calls and JSON parsing. In my previous position as SME, I developed a knack for taking complex solutions and procedures from the developers at Accenture/WhatsApp and reiterating it to our customer agents by designing easy-to-understand training materials driving QA results, and increasing employee engagement. This is a skill that I have developed throughout my career; whether as a mentor/trainer in the hospitality industry, a surf coach for NLand, or as a personal setup specialist for Apple. I’ve been able to use my empathy, and creativity to help guide both teams and individuals to be successful in situations that may be unfamiliar to them. As a lifelong learner, I understand the struggles and self-doubt that come with learning daunting new tasks. I am proud of my recent success in completing an intense software engineering program at the highly rated Flatiron school which gives me a robust understanding of core programming concepts and a proven ability to quickly acquire complex skill sets. With a unique understanding of the relationship between tech, and community,

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Former Head Coach for Non-Profit Youth Sports Team | Bootcamp Grad | Driven and motivated to learn!

TECHNICAL SKILLS / BACKGROUND My technical skills include Ruby on Rails, React, JavaScript, Redux Toolkit, RTK Query, HTML, and CSS. Being a Head Coach/Manager for over 2 years and with over 12 years of coaching experience in Non-Profit-Organizations, I am a strong believer in collaboration and team culture will lead to high success. Every individual can contribute to the team no matter their role. SOFTWARE ENGINEERING ACHIEVEMENTS Flatiron School Bootcamp graduate - Software Engineering Selected as Flatiron Final Project Showcase Panelist TripleStamp (Capstone project) demo - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgAOAGg9vw0 LIVE PROJECTS 300 Southwells - https://www.300southwells.com/ This a React.js application using Bootstrap 5 and custom CSS for styling. Ultra-responsive web and mobile-friendly layout Features a responsive nav bar, photo carousel, and jump scrolling for easy navigation Deployed on The Heroku Platform (SalesForce Cloud Application) with custom domain & SSL certificate WHAT MOTIVATES ME Finding solutions has always been motivating for me along with tackling the next problem. What I appreciate about coding is the precision of detail with logic and syntax which also comes with constructed creativity to find multiple solutions for a problem. I am a willing learner and listener, and with dedication and discipline, anything is possible. Teaching has also been another passion of mine. With experience mentoring athletes ranging from middle schoolers to high schoolers, and collegiate athletes, I understand the importance of communication skills to achieve consistent performance at a world-class level. My experience as a coach and athlete has led me to some of the best mentors in the sport of swimming. In college, I was mentored by the 2020 US Olympic Swimming Men’s Head Coach Dave Durden, and by the 2020 US Olympic Swimming Women’s Head Coach, Greg Meehan. PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENTS 2012 and 2016 United States Swimming Olympic Trials Qualifier Former DI Collegiate Athlete 20 Time CIF Southern Section High School State Champion OTHER HOBBIES/PASSIONS Playing with my dog Going to the movies Golfing with friends Gaming on my customized PC

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