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8 years experience | Rails + React | Contract work welcome

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Hi! I'm Liz 👋🏼 I'm about as full-stack 🥞 as they come. I started as a QA and automation engineer and now I'm a senior full-stack engineer focusing on Rails and React. Early on as a QA I worked on projects from writing SQL scripts to check data, to automation engineering, to React Native applications, and even helping implement Kafka instances and a team transition to Kubernetes. Then I moved on to development, mostly focusing on Rails / React stacks. I also am very comfortable working in Python. Now I've been a full stack developer for a few years, always carrying my QA mindset with me. I love exploring the ins and outs of a problem, and figuring out where I can pick it apart and expose weaknesses. I'm really great at building relationships with stakeholders, establishing trust and cooperation so that we can all move forward with a project in a very pragmatic way. Pairing with coworkers is always very enjoyable for me. I like the collaboration, but I really value the mentorship the most. Teaching juniors git has become a mainstay for me, as well as coaching them to maintain a calm mindset while debugging, encouraging them to move through issues in a systematic way. And of course I always fit in robust testing, showing folks how to create test suites and pipeline automation that will improve their workflow. Let's talk about how I can contribute to your team and stack 🙌🏻

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I am a self-taught career changer. After several years of learning ruby, rails, and coding as a hobby, I decided it was time to make this my full time job. I love creative thinking combined with logic to build a product. I want to make meaningful products that serve people. I want to be challenged and grow. I want to work with a team of people where I’m a good fit. PROFESSIONAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS Created a stats dashboard for the home page, squashed bugs, and have implemented a variety of other features at Fist Bump (getfistbumps.com) Updated NativeAmerica.travel built with Rails / React. Also updated the app from Rails 4.2 to Rails 6. Earned a Ruby on Rails certification at Learn Enough Training Learn Enough to Be Dangerous Contributed to Ruby for Good Casa project. Participated in daily standups and paired with other junior developers under senior developer leadership. Fun Fact: I write fiction in my spare time. RELEVANT EXPERIENCE Ruby on Rails Developer, Freelance May 2023 – present Currently building a site for Barnaby Goat Ranch in Texas to increase profits through online sales. Working with my religious organization on building a custom software solution for some of their needs. Contributed to the Ruby For Good Casa project. Participated in daily standups and paired with other junior developers under senior developer leadership. Ruby on Rails Jr Developer, Agency of Learning February-present This voluntary position taught the essentials necessary for professional development.

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