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Data Integrations for Manufacturing; Accounting, Scheduling, & Inventory Systems.

Many years ago, I wrote a small application that consolidated bank statements for a real estate developer using a Btrieve database so they could know how much cash they had to buy office buildings. This skill soon merged into solving database corruption problems for distributed accounting applications. Those experiences led to a 15-year career deploying, integrating, and managing accounting and construction management software for the property management industry. My roots go back to building and managing inventory and maintenance systems and teaching at the Water Survival Instructor School in the United States Marine Corps. These experiences taught me that the capacity to manage systems is inherently a people process. No matter how great a system is, it is about training and empowering people to run and support the systems being deployed. Ruby and Ruby on Rails are my preferred tools for building custom integrations for manufacturing systems. Recently, I did this for the company building the complex composite panels for the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art in LA. Two issues had to be solved. The most important was a gating system for feeding semi-truck-sized molds into the robotic honing system (Primary Capacity Constraint) from one building to another. The second was consolidating data from the Quality Assurance Database, the Engineer Database (In Asana) and AutoDesk's ProdSmart MIS system.