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15+ years, Product focused, Startup-ex-CTO, SaaS, Full-stack, Rails, React, ReactNative, API (REST & GraphQL)

Hi, I am Ram. Product focused, Designer & Builder @ SaaS * Product * API * Mobile apps * DevOps * Security "Experience, grit and dedication of a co-founder, at the cost of a contractor" Hands-on Tech-stack Backend (Ruby, Ruby on Rails, next.js) Frontend (ReactJS, TypeScript, Javascript) Mobile apps (React Native, Flutter, Publishing iOS & Android) API (REST & GraphQL) Databases (PostgreSQL, RDBMS, noSQL DB, graph DB) UI, UX (Design: Figma, XD, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, CSS frameworks) Gaming & 3D (Phaser, Three.js, GoDot, chess.js, chessboardjs, D3.js) DevOps (CI, CD, ansible, docker, kubernetes) CyberSecurity (App security, APIs, SOC, HIPAA, ISO, GDPR) Skilling up Dart, Flutter kubernetes, containerd, docker Web3, Blockchain, Ethers.js, web3.js, solidity, Ethereum Experienced in Agile Development Methodology (SCRUM) SaaS, PaaS & products, APIs (REST & GraphQL) User Experience (UX) and UI design for any device Cyber-Security, Vulnerability Assessment (VA), Penetration Testing (PT) Compliances like SOC, HIPAA, ISO, GDPR Product & Team Management Building and scaling SaaS and products Product design, development and management Hiring, Leading and managing teams OKRs and KPIs Mentoring and up-skilling the team Driven by Ethics, honesty and diligence Customer success Excellence and quality I overlap the team timezone, remotely from India. Thank you.

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Backend Ruby on Rails

I have been involved in software development since 2010, beginning my journey with PHP. However, it was not until I discovered Ruby in 2015 that I realized I had found my true passion. Since then, I have been fully committed to mastering the language and exploring its full potential in various projects and studies. In 2019, I embarked on a challenging role as the sole IT professional for a start-up payment method company. I collaborated with a team to build the company from scratch, taking on the responsibility of overseeing all IT-related aspects of the project. I developed the initial version of the website using Rails 5 in just three days, and it has been operating successfully since its launch in 2019. Over the years, the system has attracted more than 160,000 unique visitors per month, generating over 22 million requests each month. Experience on how to deal with a bunch of problems such as: - Identifying the bottleneck on the system. - How to handle a huge amount of requests at the same time. - Dealing with connection pool into a complex system with APIs, dashboards and queues. - Script routines to financial and partner reports. - Integration with payment methods and it's particularities. - Logs and Monitoring - Payment methods My primary interest lies in backend development using Ruby and Ruby on Rails. I have a strong inclination towards optimizing slow systems, identifying their gaps, and proposing viable solutions for improvement. I thoroughly enjoy engaging in discussions with my team members to collectively determine the best course of action to tackle these challenges. Tech Stack: - Ruby - Ruby on Rails - Postgres - Redis - Sidekiq - Git - Github - RESTful - SCRUM - RSpec - Mocking - Backend - API - OO

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