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Rails Developer with 8 Years of experience | Experienced in Performance optimizations and AI integration

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As a seasoned freelance software developer, I bring extensive expertise in Ruby on Rails, React, JavaScript, TypeScript, and GraphQL. I have successfully delivered numerous projects, ranging from MVPs to complex systems serving millions of users. My specialization includes performance tuning, AI integrations, and product leadership. Known for being self-driven and easy to manage, I excel in hands-on coding and product ownership. Skills: Ruby on Rails Postgresql React TypeScript JavaScript GraphQL Server - Ruby GraphQL Client - Apollo CI/CD (CircleCI, Jenkins) Heroku Experience: Freelance Staff Software Developer (06/2022 - Present) I have done 6 projects so far, Here are the one's I like the most. A website to manage internal links Improved dashboard performance, reducing load time from over 2s to less than 200ms. Fixed memory issues in the sitemap crawler and optimized its speed. Vulnerability compliance management application Implemented advanced GraphQL Ruby backend, optimized performance for a SQL-heavy application, and integrated complex third-party APIs. Customer support AI app Developed a GPT-3.5 based app and Chrome plugin, leveraging OpenAI's capabilities for customer service data summarization. Senior Full Stack Developer at SaaS Company (04/2022 - 04/2023) Reduced page load times, overhauled CMS rendering system, and implemented robust security measures for a platform with over a million users. Software Engineer at Two Different Technology Firms (06/2016 - 04/2022) Developed and maintained applications using Ruby on Rails, React, React Native, and NodeJS. Led teams, conducted code reviews, and implemented CI/CD pipelines. USP Technical Skills: Expert in performance tuning and optimization Extensive experience in AI integrations and LLMs Proficient in developing scalable web applications and APIs Relevant Achievements: Successfully launched over 10 applications with a focus on performance and scalability. Improved SEO scores and user experience through strategic CMS enhancements and performance optimizations. Led cross-functional teams to deliver high-quality software solutions on time and within budget. Solved technically challenging problems like Video/Audio freeze detection, Co-Browsing, Implementing algorithms, etc.

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I love to work with Stripe Connect, StimulusJS, TailwindCSS, ViewComponents, Turbo 👍

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I've worked with Stripe Connect, ElasticSearch, AWS, Heroku, Sidekiq, RSpec, and PostgresSQL and my preferred tech stack is Rails with TailwindCSS, ViewComponents, StimulusJS and Turbo. With 10+ years of industry experience as a Full Stack developer and having delivered many products, I have a proven track record of designing, developing, and maintaining a diverse range of applications for startups and enterprise. Member of the Bridgetown Ruby core team Contributor to Open Source Software Teach through mentorship and tutorials Managed projects and team Consulted startups from conception to launch Designed business models, user interfaces, UX Decided on tech stacks, dev operations and infrastructure Considers what to implement based on company budget, deadlines, user needs. Performed business operations and company marketing/sales Preferred industries: I have experience in Medical & Health industries, Fintech, Marketing, E-commerce/Marketplace SaaS, and small businesses of all kinds. As you can see my passion for working on web projects extends past coding. I love creating and collaborating with others to build something great. If you need a hard-working, deadline-driven, team player to help push the boundaries of what we can do with software together, give me a call. People are happiest when two or more work together toward a common goal...

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Software Engineering Leader | Ruby on Rails Expert

With over two decades of experience in web application development and a passion for Ruby on Rails, I have carved a niche in creating lean, efficient teams and scalable software. My journey in the tech world is more than just a career; it's a commitment to excellence in coding, a dedication to collaborative innovation, and a continuous pursuit of elegant solutions. Key Skills: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL Additional Proficiencies: Docker, AWS, Tailwind, Postman Professional Highlights 24+ years in Web Application Development Specializing in Ruby on Rails for the past 11 years, I have honed my skills in building robust, efficient, and scalable web applications. My expertise lies in not just coding, but in leading teams to achieve collective goals. Leadership at Various Levels From Manager to VP of Engineering, I have led diverse teams in startups and established companies. My leadership style is rooted in collaboration, innovation, and a strong belief in quality code and testing. A Proven Track Record of Success At Gig Wage, I played a pivotal role in increasing revenue by 10x through strategic product development and moving to a microservice architecture. My approach always balances business needs with technical excellence. Active Coder and Mentor Even in leadership roles, I've stayed hands-on with coding (up to 50% of my time), ensuring that I stay connected with the core of software development – solving problems through code.

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