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Senior dev specialising in clean, maintainable code and keeping tech debt low

I'm a full-stack Rails developer (although recent projects have concentrated on API-only backends with ReactJS front ends managed by different teams). I've been working with Rails for over 10 years (since version 3.x) and have specialised in making code bases that are easy for teams to read, understand and maintain. Key to those goals are: using standardised code styles (ensuring RuboCop and the team's practices are perfectly aligned) writing well-structured, easy-to-understand and fast tests constructive and collaborative code reviews ensuring documentation, from git histories to READMEs and other materials (online and offline) records useful, meaningful information that can be easily kept up to date and in sync with any code changes I've recently been adding GraphQL to my skill set, which also includes PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, Redis and other languages (Swift, PHP, JavaScript, and more). On the front end, I have experience both with Rails' native toolset and with ReactJS, Next.js and React Native. I also have experience of platform-native toolsets such as SwiftUI to deliver applications that feel intrinsically like part of the user’s mobile experience. I've worked on projects of various sizes, from scheduling and booking software for a major tech training company to systems allowing TV distributors to sell thousands of hours of programming all over the world. Ideally, I'm looking to work on products with which I can feel personally invested – an exciting product or tech-for-good project would definitely suit me better than a fintech role.

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Elevate your team's success with a Senior Ruby on Rails Developer with a proven track record of remote work

Hi 👋🏼 I'm Daniele, a senior Ruby on Rails developer from Italy with a keen eye for creating clean, elegant code. With over 8 years of experience in full-stack web development, I have a proven track record as a problem-solver and reliable team player. I've had the opportunity to work at various prestigious companies, including Funnelback in London, Zens in Tokyo, and Mikamai in Milan. Currently, I am a full-stack developer at Octopi, a shipping terminal operating system, where I have been making a impact since 2018. In addition to my technical expertise, I am also an experienced remote worker, making me a valuable asset to any distributed team looking to find someone who can hit the ground running. I am always eager to learn new technologies and techniques to add to my toolbox. I am proficient in a wide range of technologies including Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Coffeescript, Vue.js, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, SCSS/SASS, Nginx, Git, Solr, Elasticsearch, Ansible, and Jenkins. I am extremely comfortable with Linux and the command line, and have the ability to learn new technologies with relative ease. I believe that staying up-to-date and continuously learning is essential in this fast-paced industry, and I am committed to staying at the forefront of web development. My goal is to always use the right tool for the job and bring value to any team I am a part of.

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I'm a software developer with a focus on backend. I have more than 7 years of experience ranging from early-stage startups to mid-size companies. I love building products and automating things that make others' lives easier.

My journey into software development all began with my fascination for custom ROMs in Android. I remember being captivated by the endless possibilities and customization options they offered. It's funny how things can take an unexpected turn and lead you down a new path. That's exactly what happened to me when I got involved in developing the website for my department's symposium. It started as a simple task, but little did I know it would ignite a spark in me My professional career began at an early stage startup with close knit team of 10 developers. From day one, I was immersed in every aspect of the product development process. I learned how to translate ideas into tangible features, collaborate with designers, gather user feedback, and iterate based on market demand. Being part of such a dynamic and collaborative environment taught me invaluable lessons and shaped my mindset as a developer. Over the years, I have honed my skills and gained extensive experience in backend development One recent milestone that I am particularly proud of is my contribution to the development of a tiling window manager for Linux called Zentile. This personal project allowed me to showcase my creativity and customization skills by enhancing existing floating window managers with tiling capabilities. It has garnered over 10k downloads on GitHub, highlighting my ability to think outside the box and provide innovative solutions.

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