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I am a self-taught career changer. After several years of learning ruby, rails, and coding as a hobby, I decided it was time to make this my full time job. I love creative thinking combined with logic to build a product. I want to make meaningful products that serve people. I want to be challenged and grow. I want to work with a team of people where I’m a good fit. PROFESSIONAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS ============================================================ Created a stats dashboard for the home page, squashed bugs, and have implemented a variety of other features at Fist Bump ( Updated built with Rails / React. Also updated the app from Rails 4.2 to Rails 6. Earned a Ruby on Rails certification at Learn Enough Training Learn Enough to Be Dangerous Published code on GitHub can be found here: ThomasNathan (Nathan Thomas) · GitHub Contributed to Ruby for Good Casa project. Participated in daily standups and paired with other junior developers under senior developer leadership. Fun Fact: I write fiction in my spare time. RELEVANT EXPERIENCE ============================================================ Ruby on Rails Developer, Freelance May 2023 – present Currently building a site for Barnaby Goat Ranch in Texas to increase profits through online sales. Working with my religious organization on building a custom software solution for some of their needs. Contributed to the Ruby For Good Casa project. Participated in daily standups and paired with other junior developers under senior developer leadership. Ruby on Rails Jr Developer, Agency of Learning February-present This voluntary position taught the essentials necessary for professional development. The Agency of Learning

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Creative, Design Engineer, Pragmatic, Agnostic, Chill

Hi, As a ruby on rails developer I know what it takes to build a webapp from the ground up. To verify my experience, please check my github azeemh, and sign up for my free platform, Zedtopia. By seeing my open source code and reference projects you can see how I code in simple contexts. Going to see my work live on the web will better show you what I have built and what I am capable of coding in more complex and fully featured applications. Should we interview and agree to mutual NDA, I can also explain to you how I coded any features of interest and screen share as I walk you thru the source code, line by line. I have 2 apps live in production. Zedtopia is a socioeconomic network with democratic voting and social commerce. At this point, it's a full fledged product beyond mvp, migrated from ruby 2.7.6 & rails 5, to ruby 3.2 and rails 7, with a postgresql db. See Unlimit3d is an MVP 3d printing blockchain app, currently adding printing verification and purchase, with API partners, however users can currently sign up, upload, and share their files. Unlimit3d uses rails 7, ruby 3.2 and postgresql. See I also helped to code for the 2015-2016 election cycle, which served over 200k simultaneous logged in users at any given time. Finally my personal website is found at, with my resume available at There you can see my designs, some cool interactive software exhibits, whitepapers, and more... 

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Crafting Code with Creativity and Precision. A Ruby on Rails Developer at the Crossroads of Technology and Artistry.

From the workbench of a jeweler to the stages of Denver's music scene, my journey has been anything but conventional. Growing up, I was immersed in an environment that valued creativity and the process of making something beautiful from raw materials. This upbringing instilled in me an appreciation for craftsmanship and the beauty of creation, whether it was in the form of a piece of jewelry or the melody of a song. My foray into technology began with a childhood curiosity for the inner workings of electronics. This curiosity was not just about understanding; it was about deconstructing and reconstructing, seeing firsthand how complex systems could be broken down into understandable and manageable parts. This tinkering mindset led me naturally toward software development, where I found the same joy and challenge in piecing together code to create functional, elegant solutions. At 19, I ventured into the creative wilderness, co-founding a band in Denver. For six years, I immersed myself in music, an experience that grew my collaborative skills and deepened my understanding of creative expression. However, amidst chords and melodies, I discovered a missing piece—software development. This realization was a turning point, prompting me to blend my creative passions with my technological inclinations. My encounter with Ruby on Rails was a revelation. Here was a framework that resonated with my artistic sensibilities, offering a balance between structure and freedom that I hadn't found in other technologies. Rails didn't just allow me to build web applications; it enabled me to craft them with the creativity and intuition I had cultivated as a musician and with jewelry. It was in Rails that I found my medium for technological artistry. Today, as a Ruby on Rails developer, I draw upon my unique background to approach software development with a blend of analytical precision and creative flair. My journey from jewelry workbenches to music stages, and finally to the world of coding, has shaped me into a developer who sees beyond the code to the stories and experiences that software can create.