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My journey started with Qbasic, simple HTML, and accidentally hacking my school's computer in elementary school.

The last 3 years were spent finding freelance clients and learning various technologies independently and on the fly. Technology like Ruby, Rails, CSS, JavaScript, and some Solidity and Hardhat. In addition, I have over 10 years of sales experience that provide additional soft skills.

My sales background has helped with co-working, communicating, and problem solving with all kinds of people and personalities, for all kinds of projects. I have learned how important it is to be flexible, constantly learning, and being fast on your feet.

My role as a hearing aid specialist involved working with a mostly older population who is tech adverse, and often parting with a large amount of their savings. I helped address their needs in a way they feel comfortable and understand, ensure they can trust the company and myself, while maintaining the highest net promoter score in the franchise. I feel this demonstrates my customer service, my ability to break down complicated subjects, and how much I care.

Since July 2022 I have been working as a developer. We have been doing a full rebuild of an application for a multi-million dollar service business. This has been done with a team of 3 using weekly stand-ups and a "shape up/agile" like sprints with a kanban board, following CI/CD through GitHub actions. The tech stack is Rails 7, Hotwire, Stimulus, Tailwind, HTML, Postgres, Rspec, and hosted on Heroku.

My favorite thing in the world is a good challenge. I like doing hard things, enjoy learning, and solving problems.

“"Give me an internet connection, a little bit of time, and I will change the world.” Archimedes 3.0"" JZ