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Full Stack, Cutting Edge, 20 years in web dev, 10 in Rails

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My strength is working with the non-technical. If you're here, you probably know what you want or need, but maybe you don't know how to best accomplish it. I can help with that.

Do you need someone who understands projects might have many stakeholders and need to be ready to pass along or pick up and pivot? I'm here for that. I'm currently open for project-based work. If you need something done, and need someone who can do it with as much or as little help as possible, let's talk.

My stats: I'm a senior dev (10 years in Rails, 20 in web dev) who's been through dialup (14,400 even), Flash and ColdFusion, DHTML, I remember when JavaScript was invented, and I provision servers for fun. I'm a Rails dev who aligns closely with DHH on most things code-related. Importmaps and Hotwire and Turbo and Stimulus are great fun. Familiar with teamwork (read: merge conflicts) and maintaining healthy relationships (read: no ego, just aiming for the best code).

If none of that means anything to you, then all I'm bragging about is that I know how to start from nothing and build an entire infrastructure. I can work with a team or by myself equally well.

If you know exactly what you want: shoot me a list. If you're a bit lost: let me help. If nothing else, I'm thrilled that I might get to talk shop with new people. Tell me about your project!