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Senior ruby dev with 25 years of dev, CTO & entrepreneurship

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I'm a dev, a CTO, an entrepreneur and a geek.

As a dev I first developed in python and C during 12 years. I developed a network security solution used by 3 millions of people.

Then I switched to ruby and rails in 2014 first for a startup then as a freelance. I helped bootstrap several startups (, Watura, Me and you too, Eben Home) and reinforced teams in big companies (Doctolib, Richemont, EDF)

At Squadracer, I grew the team from solo freelancer to 18 people from 2018 to 2022. Post covid was a difficult time and the team was reduced to 4 people.

I was also a CTO since 2004, I'm attached to empowering people through agile and opal organization. It allows me to create an amazing team while keeping a lot of time to continue being a dev. I have a no ego policy allowing me to work in whatever position my skills are useful.

I can help a lot off people by being a jack of all trade: I can do dev : linux system, back, front, devops but also CRM (hubspot, salesforce), management, product.

As a geek, I also love IOT and telephony. When I was a student I had 3 vlan, 2 internet connections, 3 telephony providers. I used my voip phone in one room to turn of my screen in the other room. I reversed my electric shutter with an oscilloscope, and built a home automation center.