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12Y+ Principal Engineer with experience leading 200+ Eng on 3Y+ timeframes. I'm your organizational sledgehammer.

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Community builder, company leader, teacher, international speaker, and writer.

I'm the glue that brings companies together. My belief is that engineers at a Staff+ level are no longer individual contributors, but the representative and delegate for their entire company. To operate effectively I work through others, document heavily, involve and inform executive partners, network teams and individuals, establish systems of mentorship and education to up-level engineers at scale, and more.

I have a history of effective leadership in building and founding organizations, notably around developer tooling and education, to meet the growing challenges the business faces. I have operated at companies ranging from five engineers to north of five thousand.

The jobs which most interest me are in building communities and companies, and growing engineers capable of one day taking over my role from the ground up.

Avoided Domains: Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, DeFi, Web3, or any related spaces