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Full stack developer with 10+ years of Ruby on Rails experience

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Been building on the web since the late 90s. Ruby on Rails since 2007. I love building things that solve a need for users. I'm really into the idea exploration, as well as the implementation, focusing on the important parts and what drives the product forward.

I enjoy Ruby, JavaScript and everything web - I strive for the simple solution to prove it works, before going for the more complex. I spent the last 10 years at a company that grew from 80 people when I started to more than 6000 when I left. I've been working on all parts of the stack. I enjoy full stack web development. I like thinking about the UI and making it look crisp. I feel super comfortable on the frontend and likewise on the backend.

I have launched, failed and succeeded with multiple side projects. I've worked on everything from small nice-to-use UI details to more complex payment code.

I absolutely love Ruby on Rails and the tools it gives me, which makes implementing features and ideas very very fast.

I'm good at css, I love JavaScript. I write code because it solves problems for users and that's what excites me :)