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10 years full-stack experience (Rails, React, React Native, Swift)

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I'm Jens, a software engineer from Belgium looking for interesting projects to work on. I've been a ruby developer for as long as I can remember and its safe to say I love working in Ruby and Rails in general.

That being said I've become fluent in a couple of other languages and technologies over the years.

Most used technologies:

Ruby On Rails, React, NodeJS, React Native, Objective-C, Swift and Java

An extra perk of having me on your team is that I'm also a business owner and I know first hand what kind of struggles a business will encounter since I've been there too.

Passion project: Bizzey -

Bizzey is entirely written in Ruby On Rails and react and its one of the best projects you can base my skills on. Besides technical skills, I also like to design solutions from a product owners perspective.

Interested in working together?

Please contact me for inquiry, I'm always available for a chat.