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Seasoned technical generalist and growth specialist.

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I partner with non technical founders and business leaders. Together, we are building systems that solve today's problems, I am a 3x inc 500/5000 cofounder. Ive built distribution systems, technology platforms & teams, raised capital, and helped scale NYC based startups from 0 to 100.

I technically cofounded a high growth company and scaled it for 7 years. I am a programmer, but the experience has also made me a strong operator, technical recruiter, trainer and executive.

Seed -> Series B. I enjoy technical greenfield projects as well as taking a company through a new stage of growth.

If you are looking for a CTO, technical advisor, Fractional CTO, CTO-as-a-service, or full time technical cofounder... or even COO we should talk.

Many technical people do not have a business mind, they push towards expensive solutions and complexity. I love service leadership, lean startup, rails, pragmatism and simplicity.