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Web developer that builds products for people with Ruby on Rails

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I am a Techie and a willing workhorse of Web Developer. I'm aligned with the movement of Software Craftsmanship. I am passionate about the impact that technology can have and I am very curious about its different edges.

I founded and failed some startups and one non-profit organization. Now I'm interested in long-term remote work with agile practices and modern web technologies.

I like to drink "Mate", meet other techies and participate in tech community initiatives.
What I am looking for?

  • Remote work
  • Be part of a real Agile Team, with Sr, SemiSr, and Jr. members
  • Ruby projects or similar modern technologies.
  • Long term contract relationship

My biggest weak point right now is my conversational English skill, but if you have patience I'll do my best. Meanwhile, I may need some writing support. I was working for a USA-based company for the last 3 years.