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As an accomplished software engineer with a focus on backend development and AWS Solutions Architect - Associate certification, I bring a wealth of experience and diverse expertise to any team or project. My proficiency spans multiple languages, and my background as a lead programmer and co-founder of a startup has allowed me to hone my organizational, communication, and entrepreneurial skills, critical for success in the software development industry.

Currently, I am working as a Backend Developer at Donkey Republic, a bike-sharing service operating across Europe. My contributions include integrating payment solutions, implementing a membership system, and developing IoT solutions for managing the company's fleet of e-scooters. As the lead backend developer since December 2021, I have been responsible for onboarding new recruits and maintaining project quality.

In addition to my work at Donkey Republic, I am also the co-founder and CTO of SCCOT, a startup specialising in creating applications for managing small businesses and generating offers for clients in the HVAC and construction industry. This experience has provided me with invaluable insights into the challenges and rewards of building a successful tech startup.

Before joining Donkey Republic, I served as the Lead Ruby on Rails Developer at, a company developing proximity and geolocation-based marketing solutions. My role included full-stack development, data engineering, and DevOps responsibilities. Prior to that, I worked as a Full-Stack Developer at Freeport Metrics, a software house developing IT systems for various industries.

I hold a BEng in Computer Science from Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, where I focused on global optimization algorithms. In my spare time, I enjoy working on machine learning projects, utilizing artificial neural networks, and exploring electronics, such as creating synchronized Christmas lights with Raspberry Pi and LightShow Pi.

With my diverse technical skills, proven adaptability to new technologies, and AWS Solutions Architect - Associate certification, I am confident in my ability to make a valuable contribution to any project or team.