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Full stack Mid Ruby Software Engineer | London/Remote

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Hello 👋🏻 I am a collaborative, proactive and ambitious developer that likes to put people first. I enjoy listening to people and building impactful, scalable and secure solutions.

I have ~2 years experience as a Ruby Software engineer in the email industry @MessageBird. During my stay at MessageBird I worked with: Ruby, Rails, Rspec, Capybara, Terraform, AWS, Redis, Sidekiq, Docker, Grape, Git, CSS, HTML, JavaScript (and CoffeeScript, yes you heard that right) to name a few.

Previous job responsibilities include:
- Researching customer needs and translating them into flexible solutions that accommodate all users workflows.
- Monitoring and improving application performance.
- Refactoring code.
- Identifying unreported bugs, finding workarounds, fixing bugs based on priority and communicating with support.
- Maintaining cloud architecture such as pipelines, containers, lambdas and web server instances, as well as writing infrastructure as code.
- Identifying opportunities to improve and automate everyday processes.
- Writing clean, well test covered, secure and self documenting code from frontend to backend.
- Quality assuring colleague's code to ensure it meets acceptance criteria and it's secure and stable for production.