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Ruby on rails developer | Turbo | Hotwire | Stimulus | React

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With over 7 years of experience in web development and API development, I specialize in crafting robust solutions across diverse industries, including construction, gaming, real estate, and more. My expertise lies in:

Web Development: Proficient in Ruby on Rails, I've delivered numerous projects ranging from construction management systems to API development for the gaming industry.
Frameworks: Well-versed in modern JS frameworks such as StimulusJs, Turbo, and Hotwire, enabling the creation of dynamic and responsive user interfaces.
Frontend Technologies: Skilled in HTML, Bootstrap, CSS, SASS, jQuery, and JavaScript, ensuring seamless user experiences.
Database Management: Experienced in PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, and SQLite, with proficiency in Elasticsearch for efficient data retrieval and analysis.
Version Control and Deployment: Utilizing Bitbucket, GitHub, and GitLab, I ensure smooth version management, while deploying applications on Heroku, AWS, Nginx, Passenger, and Apache servers.
Project Management: I leverage tools like Jira, Trello, and Asana to organize tasks, track progress, and collaborate effectively, ensuring timely project delivery and adherence to quality standards.
Operating Systems: Proficient in Ubuntu and macOS environments, facilitating smooth development workflows.