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hey Ayush here . I have a diverse range of experiences and hands-on expertise with technologies such as TypeScript, JavaScript, C++, frontend technologies like React and Next.js, as well as backend technologies like Node.js, Express.js,mongodb,postgreSql,supabase ,golang,gin ,python, langchain google generative ai ,vector db pinecone .

What sets me apart is not only my proficiency in these technologies but also my passion for continuous learning and exploring new opportunities. I am always eager to embrace and master new technologies, making me an excellent fit for any dynamic and evolving work environment.

Furthermore, I consider myself an exploration-driven individual. I have actively explored various technologies and approaches, which has enriched my problem-solving skills and adaptability. I firmly believe in the importance of being a quick learner, as it allows me to stay ahead of the curve and tackle challenges with efficiency and creativity.

I am confident that my passion for technology, coupled with my exploration mindset and quick learning abilities, make me a strong candidate for this role .

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