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Backend web developer and Engineering Manager with passion for building successful products and teams

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My name is Simon and I have 12 years of experience building successful products and teams for US, Israeli and Russian companies. I am equally passionate about technology and people management.

In my 10+ years in the industry I wore many hats: web developer, Tech Lead, Team Lead, viceCTO, CTO. This unique blend of experience and overall engineering knowledge gives me an ability to onboard quickly and make business impact from day one.

At my last company, I started as a Team lead with two engineers, growing a team to fifty plus people, handling about a hundred microservices and 10 million MAU. Besides managing employee and development life cycle, I also was creating and reviewing all System Designs, did occasional code reviews and led incident resolution.

I enjoy building productive, self-managed and motivated teams that in turn build successful products. I speak Ruby, some Golang, and some Python. I use Postgres as a RDMS, resque or rabbit for messaging, Redis or Memchached for cache, Elastic or Solr for search, Docker for container management.

Being in the industry for so many years, I know the importance of self-paced, autonomous , dependable people on the team, and I am sure I can be a valuable asset to any project. Let's see if I can be a match.