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Head of Engineering・Full-Stack Engineer・Shopify Expert・Ruby on Rails, Hotwire, Tailwind

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👋🏼 Ruby on Rails engineer with over 7 years of experience. I initially fell in love with software development half-way through my studies for an Electronics Engineering degree and have been coding with Ruby on Rails for the past 9 years.

I've also worked as a Shopify expert for the past 7 years, from theme customizations to app development, and have helped launch numerous apps in the store.

I'm deeply passionate about my work with apps, and I believe Ruby to be a very robust language that has kept up with the times. I can code with Rails, Tailwind, and Stimulus for long hours. Speaking of Tailwind, I can work well with any type of styling practice: utility classes, inline styles, and coding CSS files.

My understanding of the world has been shaped by my experience growing up on the Colombian coast as a gay man, understanding how patience, empathy, and critical thinking can open new opportunities and allow one to navigate the world.

It is time to start a new chapter, expanding my capabilities of what I can do with RoR and honing my skills as a developer, an engineer, and a team player. I've only worked with small teams on small projects, and I feel ready to tackle bigger challenges and put my leadership skills to use.