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A passion for computers since he was 10 but it wasn't until the age of 21 that he started pursuing it by quitting college. Since then he has worked in ML, Mathematics, teaching Quran, and currently, at the age of 27, he's a Ruby on Rails developer with 8 months of experience who loves to solve day-to-day problems with the skills that he's acquired, such as Ruby, Rails, Git, SQL, JavaScript, Linux, etc.

These are some of the personal ROR projects that he has developed in the past year:

  1. FMB 👉🏻 (Local Project that helps NPO to keep records and track all 'thaalis' that are delivered to local houses). (Rails 7, Bootstrap, Turbo)

  2. IMDb API 👉🏻 It extracts useful metadata of a Movie/TV-Series by the user-provided link. (Rails 7, Sidekiq)