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9 Year Veteran of Rails/Python and Taking Products From 0 to 1

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I started writing Python in my undergrad, automating boring stuff like getting data out of PDFs and web scraping.

I can bang out a SaaS app with billing, emails, user authentication within a day.

I am a full stack engineer. The stack I am most familiar with is Ruby on Rails, with postgresql and vanilla javascript. I have experience selling product concepts to stake holders and managing remote teams of engineers. In addition to 9 years of experience with rails, I am proficient in spinning up python microservices with flask, and have worked on and released multiple cross platform mobile applications using Flutter and Dart. While running my consulting for the past 3 years I have reinforced my ability to work under tight deadlines, helping clients to better visualize what it is they need, and to manage resources both in financial and talent terms.

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