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Business Analyst turned Junior Rails Developer! Let's chat 😊

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Hi there! I'm Joseph (he/him). Thanks for visiting! 👋

I am a 26 year old back-end engineer with a 3 years of Business Analyst experience. I graduated from the Turing School of Software & Design, studying back-end tools such as Ruby on Rails, RESTful APIs, GraphQL applications, and SQL. I also have exposure to front-end elements such as React, HTML and CSS, and I am in the process of teaching myself Javascript through Youtube and The Odin Project. I love to write clean, professional code, with an emphasis on TDD (Test Driven Development).

I decided to enter software engineering so that I may use my analytical and creative brain to make a difference in the world. Creating tangible results is important to me and I have always had an interest in software engineering. Thanks to a push from my close friend (who has been writing code for ~10 years), I decided to take the leap! 🦘

Outside of work and studies, I have a couple hobbies, which include playing Texas Hold'em, tinkering with watches, and attending a slew of live concerts.