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Cybersecurity Analyst in training. Tech enthusiast

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I am looking to learning more on developing, as I dabble in doing so part time. My main focus is in Cybersecurity Management and Policy at the online university UMGC (University of Maryland Global Campus). I have also experience interning/working at the company Sysarc in the focus of managing firms policies and other responsibilities. Where my strengths lie are in would be my soft skills in understanding how to communicate and translate cyber information from technicians to I.T managers and other non-technical personnel on a daily basis. Currently I am studying for my CompTIA A+ Networking certification.

I can say that in the small time I've been in Cybersecurity, I have learned about the following: Communication, Control, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Space, and Unmanned Systems. I also learned more on the programs that I would work on with (i.e Linux (RHEL OR Centos), AWS cloud computing, and some coding languages as well. I can say what drives me (passion) is learning from doing tasks out of error, whether their college courses or job interviews. I am also driven by the process of management of communicating with different audiences (both technical and nontechnical).

I can say strengths I possess that are contributing to a workforce are as follows: Vulnerability Assessment
IT infrastructure, Disaster recovery, Data integrity
Information Security Management, Threat Detection, Risk Management, Security Investigation, User Authentication
Cloud Security, Communication, Collaboration, Critical thinking, Empathy, Flexibility. My contributions to being a developer is being resourceful, patient, and inquisitive on information that is commonly addressed between clients and developers.