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Recent Imperial MSc graduate with significant Rails experience

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I've recently switched career, but have built up broad experience of Rails applications and web dev more generally from a variety of personal and voluntary projects over the past ten years. What motivates me as an engineer is the potential real-world impact of solving users' problems tactically: for example, my MSc individual project was an experimental version control system in Rust tracking syntactic changes to source, to improve the accuracy and scope of automatic conflict resolution, and so reduce the hurdles to getting working code into production.
I'm very comfortable working with many languages and frameworks, and always keen to broaden my knowledge, but have long been especially passionate about Rails and Ruby. A multi-year project for a student society to build a complete conference management solution in Rails means I now have significant experience of almost all areas of the framework and levels of the stack, including testing and deployment strategies, and understand the tools and approaches available to me and their associated tradeoffs.
Before the MSc I was a linguist, and so have much experience of independent research and self-directed projects from the academic world—as well as clear and concise technical explanations to non-specialists, and effective and persuasive technical writing. I don't wait to find out what I need to know to make progress, and am always willing to consider innovative approaches to problems on their own merits.