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Fullstack and product oriented SWE, vast experience with SaaS, high-throughput backends and systems design

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Hello! I'm Sebastian, a seasoned Fullstack Engineer with expertise in software architecture and development. My background in Design Thinking brings a unique perspective to frontend UX, coupled with strong system design skills in the backend. This approach helps keep tech debt at bay, ensuring flexible, scalable, and cost-effective solutions for your growing product.

With +20y of experience and although my strongest skill is Smalltalk, I do love Ruby and the productivity we attain with Rails and mostly the rubyists culture.

I'm eager to discuss a few case studies where I've assisted companies in scaling their applications, increasing their user base from millions to an architecture capable of scaling tenfold—twice, and with different tech stacks. I'd love to connect with you on a call to share insights and explore how I can contribute to your projects.