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Fullstack Developer (i like it all!) & programming lead teacher. Experienced user trainer, customer onboarder and former IT consultant

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Former SaaS integrator from Project Management to End-user Training and Change Management, I know what makes great products, valuable to both users and businesses.

I worked in a big IT Consulting company, and after digital start-ups, always being a link between the technical teams (integration, dev, and product) and the clients.
Wanting to acquire more technical skills, I signed up for a Bootcamp and reoriented my career.

I have designed and created static websites and portfolios for small businesses and institutions with no-code platforms or Jamstack. I am always interested in building a product from A to Z and sharing my wide range of knowledge with clueless businesses: design, UI/UX, SEO, CMS, and integration of other services.

My main occupation is building features on Ruby On Rails applications, with sometimes React as the front-end. Performance is an important matter for me as well as ease of use, clarity and accessibility.

I have a real passion to build meaningful and efficient features for businesses AND users.
Asking a lot of questions, and understanding who are the users, and what the goals of the company are, are essential to be relevant.

I have advanced skills on Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, React.js, SQL and PostgreSQL, Git Workflow.
I love to have conversations about product, UI/UX.

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