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I am a Senior Rails Developer with six years of web development experience.

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I am Senior Software Engineer with close to six years of experience developing web apps. I have a deep understanding of Ruby and Ruby on Rails since these are my chief tools of work. I also have experience in writing vanilla JavaScript/HTML/CSS for front end development, RSspec and Capybara for writing automated test suites, SQL for database queries and GIT for version control. Using techniques such as benchmarking and memory profiling I am able to optimize ruby code/database queries that may be performance bottlenecks. I love TDD and cover each piece of software I ship with robust tests. I am a big believer in writing clean code and frequently refactor my code.
I have experience building and maintaining robust RESTful APIs as well as working with external APIs.
I have a solid foundation in data structures and algorithms and usually employ them when problem-solving.

I enjoy working in teams and collaborating with other engineers to do great work.
I am available for a long term project and can start as soon as possible. My timezone is GMT.

If you want me to be part of your team please feel free to reach me here. Have a nice day!