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Ruby on Rails Developer w/ 3 years experiences

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I pride myself on being self-motivated and committed to delivering exceptional work. My passion lies in making a positive impact on people's lives through the software I develop.

In my last 3 years, I have gained valuable experience in developing and implementing financial systems that significantly impact small and economically disadvantaged countries. One such notable experience involves designing and integrating a financial system between nations in Asia to streamline and expedite bank transactions.

This project presented unique challenges, as it required a deep understanding of the financial landscape and regulatory of countries. I am used to working closely with stakeholders and experts from the banking sector, I collaborated to develop a robust and secure platform that facilitated seamless transactions and improved overall efficiency.

The success of this project not only transformed the way banking was conducted within these nations but also improved their economic and social values. We provide a fast and easy-to-use financial system, for both usage individuals and businesses.

Nowadays I am learning Go and Rust to improve my DevOps capabilities.