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With more than three years of professional experience as Full Stack developer. Working in multiple domains like Web & API Development, Mobile & Desktop App development, involved in analysis, design, development and documentation.

I believe that with diversity one can give better and optimized solutions.

My real passion is RoR (Ruby on Rails) but working with other technologies was also a great experience. Each with it's on coding standards, architecture patterns fit to domain specific problems. Fortunately I got chance to work with different technologies during different time Spain i.e.

RoR, Strapi.js, Next.js, ReactJs, ASP.NET, Laravel, WP, Android studio (with Java), JFX form and windows form with multiple database systems PostgreSQL, MSSQL, MySQL, Firebase, SQLite and MongoDB.
Third party services like CTOS, MinIO, Stripe, Paypal, Recaptcha, Twilio. Canda Post, EShipper, Altova MapForce and deployments on Netlify, Heroku, AWS EC2, S3.

One of the best design and collaboration tools like Git, Bitbucket, SVN, Jira, Trello, Slack, google hangout, MS Visio, UML star, Balsamiq, Justinmind, Pencil tool with IDEs i.e. VS Code, Visual Studio, Net beans, Android Studio, R Studio, Anaconda, PyCharm, Dev-C++, Sublime3 and Primavera.

I started my professional career during the last year of graduation, i got an opportunity of part time job in ADS (Aldaim Solutions). Later after graduation joined NETSOL technologies and this process goes on.

I have been always enthusiastic, regular and hardworking throughout my professional and academic career & always eager to learn new techniques and technologies.