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Full-stack Rails Developer, SaaS Founder. Passionate About Early Stage Startups

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I’m Casey, and I’ve been building with Rails since 2007. I’m also passionate about fitness, and have started & sold two fitness businesses along the way, Orlando’s top CrossFit gym(exited in 2015), and TrueCoach(, a platform for personal trainers to train their clients online, acquired in 2020.

I am most proud of my work at TrueCoach, where I served as founder & CEO, wrote the majority of the early code before we built an amazing engineering team to take the reins as we scaled. When I stepped away from the business in late 2020, we were serving over 20,000 trainers in over 80 countries, doing 8 figures in annual recurring revenue, and delivering 5 million workouts monthly.

In addition to being a strong Rails developer, I have a strong understanding of SaaS, scaling engineering teams, shaping products in the early phases, and sometimes angel invest into startups. I am looking for part-time contract work, and would even be open to working for equity if I find the company promising enough.