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Self-Learner | Full Stack Engineer | REACT | VUE | NUXT| NEXTJS | LARAVEL | PHP | PYTHON | NODE

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As an full stack software engineer at Synergysis, I work with a team of talented developers to create web applications that solve real-world problems. I use my skills in PHP, JavaScript, Laravel, and other frameworks and technologies to deliver high-quality code, design, and functionality. I also collaborate with clients and stakeholders to understand their needs and expectations, and provide feedback and support throughout the development process.

I am a self-taught full stack web developer with a huge passion for programming and technologies. Currently, I am a third-year computer science student at ESOFT Metro Campus, where I am learning the theoretical and practical aspects of software engineering. I have also completed a higher national diploma in electrical and electronic engineering, which gave me a solid foundation in computer programming. I have experience in web development with Seneview Technologies, where I developed and maintained websites using HTML, CSS, jQuery, and Bootstrap. I also have knowledge of Python, C#, C, and basic Android development with Java. I am always eager to learn new skills and technologies, and to build something that matters.