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I am a passionate, driven, and determined Full Stack Developer.

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I found my passion for programming at a young age when I took part in an enrichment program at Northwestern University. During my time as a student, I completed a robotics course and Scratch I & II programming courses. It was then I realized the entire process of creation brings me exuberant joy. The versatility of tech and the ability to instruct my computer to carry out certain tasks and commands that are directly responsible for the creation of webpages, apps, games, and so many other endless opportunities never fails to amaze me.

I would describe myself as a well-rounded individual. Throughout my professional career, I have worked in a variety of positions where I acquired many skills from event planning and hosting to records management.

On a more personal note, I have taken up many hobbies and I had the opportunity to participate in many enriching programs. My hobbies include, traveling abroad, crocheting, photography, reading, ballet dancing, as well as reading, writing, and speaking a limited amount of Korean. Through those opportunities and experiences, I was also able to hone my leadership and creativity skills.

I found two common interests across the board; creating and helping others. My love for tech reignited because of my hobby of crocheting. What crocheting and coding have in common is that you start with an empty canvas and minimal tools. Both require you to use your critical thinking skills, imagination, and creativity to create a product or solution. Crochet patterns are algorithms just as computer programs are implemented algorithms.

Learning and working directly with software is just the first step towards making a great impact in the tech industry and on society as a whole. My goal is to positively impact people’s lives through tech. For the next step in my career, I am seeking a hands-on tech role as a Junior Full Stack Developer, video game developer, or QA engineer.