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Junior Full Stack (Rails) Developer looking for experience

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Moved in Belgium 2 years ago in order to chase my passion of becoming a developer. I'm currently located in Brussels, but am open to relocation, if a good enough opportunity arises.

Having already a tech background studying Electrical and Computer Engineering back in Greece, I participated in a 6 month boot-camp in order to gain some expertise.

Having worked in a couple of projects during my boot-camp, I feel confident to start with a Junior level position, but I'm very certain that there is a lot to learn. As a matter of fact, I'm looking for all kinds of ways to gain experience.

Some key functionalities that I worked on my last project (responsible for the back-end):

-Chat GPT API integration for dynamic content creation
-Self-hosted instance of Stable Diffusion (to mitigate delays from traffic congestion) for art generation functionalities
-Utilization of ActionCable and Sidekiq for asynchronous data exchange and job handling

-Javascript, AJAX and Stimulus
-SQL and PostgreSQL