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I've now been working in the industry for 10 years. I started my career in native iOS development, but now I've focused my attention to the backend. I've worked in Ruby on Rails for over 3 years now. I've implemented solutions to and worked with common backend tasks such as:

  • API endpoints
  • Background/async tasks
  • Query optimizations
  • Message queues
  • Feature toggles
  • APM
  • CI/CD
  • and more!

A recent accomplishment is launching a significantly cross-cutting feature that fundamentally altered functionality of a 12-year-old Rails codebase. It launched with no downtime and no issues.

I am passionate about code quality and the UNIX Philosophy. I care about simplicity and sensibility, preferring smaller, focused solutions over monolithic solutions. The best code is the least amount of code written that satisfies the requirement. It should be SOLID and DRY. It should cause minimal side-effects.

I am an excellent communicator and have received praise for my ability to convey complex problems in an articulate and approachable manner to engineering and non-engineering stakeholders alike. I actually care about keeping documentation up-to-date and like investing research into tooling and processes that do that automatically so that it isn't so manual and painful.

Working on a diverse team is really important to me. If we don't have a seat at the table for everyone, then what gets built only benefits a few lucky ones. Equity and accessibility is important.