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I work with Rails for ~13 years (and React.js for 4+ years) and I have experience building products from the conception to production to scale. From the data model, to a stable production release, through a series of small working releases.

I am currently working full time as a Rails Consultant while building my own products, contributing to OSS, and maintaining a few customer Rails apps (some I've built, some I've inherited)!

Here are scenarios I will be a great fit to your company:
Scenario #1: My team has no Sr Rails Developers and we are having issues.
As a Sr Developer I will be able to help identify and solve issues, contribute to your code base, improve your process, and setup your team for success.
I can work on a part-time capacity every other month, or 1 week per month, or something that that fits your short term needs.

Scenario #2: My has 1 (or 2) Sr Rails Developers and they are overwhelmed.
This is also a common situation for a lot of small companies.
And I will be able to quickly be a helping hand, put out some fires, and help get a better visibility of the needs in the short to mid term.
And contribute fixing bugs, building features, refactoring code, adding automated tests etc.

Scenario #3: I have a 5+ years old Rails app and I need help.
As a Sr Developer working with Rails for 13+ years I will help improve code quality, fix bugs, add test coverage, upgrade Ruby, Rails, and dependencies in general, find missing indexes in your DB and identify controllers with high object allocation causing a poor user experience.

Here is a short list of my core expertise:
1. Ruby and Rails upgrade
2. Webpacker to esbuild migration
3. Data modeling, product conception, and MVPs
4. Performance improvements
5. Identify and help pay technical debt
6. 3rd party API integration: either for SSO or for data replication (*)

I am currently available only for remote & part/full-time work.

(*) I have experience integrating Rails applications to SSO into various OAuth servers and consume data from Google Classroom, ADP Marketplace, Openpath, Paychex, EHS Insight, Zoho, to name a few.