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Ruby (on Rails) Engineer/Lead Obsessed with Databases and Automation, BSc/MSc in CS

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For more than 11 years I devote myself to the IT industry as (formerly) a technical writer, then a software engineer (10+ years), incl. being a tech lead (4+ years).

On the hard skill territory, my strong points are Oracle & PL/SQL and PostgreSQL (complex SQL queries, performance optimization), Shell scripting (from Bash with grep/sed/awk to Perl/Python/C), User testing (Watir, Cypress), surely Ruby (with Rails, Sinatra, and Cuba, depending on apps’ size) and Crystal (my special passion); I have some experience with frontend realm (React, Vue.js, Hotwire, Stimulus). Nonetheless, I’m tool agnostic and thus not breast-beating about Ruby or Rails. SWI-Prolog, Clojure, Go, Kotlin were (and sometimes are) my tools as well; Depends on what and for what I’m building. So I'm open for quite a number of things.

Now a bit more about who I am. I'm not just a backender and my real power (and, inseparably, passion) is in a diversified approach to the product, that is, diving in the product/business realm, bringing and brainstorming new (or good old) ideas with stakeholders, implementing them on different levels, rethinking processes (of whatever it could be—product itself or development team), increasing the database (and not only) performance, doing/setting up deploys and improving the overall deployment process (if I see things to improve), gathering use cases, breaking them down into test cases, and then implementing e2e tests, trying to preserve any knowledge for the current and potential team members by writing structured docs, etc. That’s actually what I’ve been doing for many years in different companies and teams quite effectively, and now I'm looking for a new company/product to bring such a holistic approach.

A couple of excerpts of what I've done (of course while being a part of my amazing teams):
• As a software engineer, I've reduced the response time of the quite loaded (~500 users at once) front page of our stylesheets-like product from >2s to <400ms by deeply investigating the situation with Datadog and then tailoring the amount of the data transferred via aimed database optimizations.
• As a tech lead, I've improved the overall development process in my several teams. I love re-thinking processes, and I believe they shouldn't be implemented just as a formality, and we shouldn't serve processes but they should serve us. So I introduced a more structured way to handle the dev process by clearly stating the responsibilities and outcomes. I always tried and try to make everyone in the team aligned by discussing open matters and providing an open atmosphere for everyone to give and react on any given feedback. I love taking ownership for tricky topics like techdebt.

More details on the above or other things we can surely discuss tête-à-tête :)