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Senior Ruby on Rails Engineer with 10+ years of experience 👨‍💻

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Over decade of experience building Ruby on Rails applications. Most of my experience involve building startups from scratch.

I am a software engineer with knowledge and interest in DevOps and PenTesting.

My Preferred Stack:

Web Framework: Ruby on Rails (ROR)
Programming Language: Ruby
Database: Postgresql, Mysql
Infrastructure as Code: Terraform
Cloud: AWS, Heroku
CI/CD: GitLab
Frontend: Tailwind, Stimilus, Hotwire, Turbo
PenTesting: Kali Linux, Burp Suite, Nmap, Metasploit

Some of Projects that I have worked on past:

  • Video Streaming platform
  • Learning Management Platform (LMS)
  • Marketplace for digital products(photo, audio, wordpress templates)
  • Bulk SMS software
  • Team management software for sporting clubs
  • Bitcoin Exchange
  • Job Portal website