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Ruby on Rails Developer with 7 years of experience.

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I am Ruby on Rails developer with 7 years of experience. I started coding Rails professionally since 2013. I also managed to run two of my own startup build using Ruby on Rails in past.

I started my career as full stack developer and later on move more into backend/api roles. In past I have worked on worlds fourth largest Rails application( I have experience working on large monoliths apps as well as working on micro services.

My preferred stack are as follows:

Authentication: Devise/Sorcery
Authorization: Pundit
OAuth: Doorkeeper
Background job: Sidekiq with Redis/Que with Postgres
Database: Postgres/Mysql
Testing: Rspec
Hosting: AWS/Heroku
css: Tailwind css
SPA: Hotwire/Stimulus JS

I have bachelor degree in Computer Science from Swinburne University of Technology(Australia). I am flexible to work on any time zone.

Some of Projects that I have worked on past:

  • Marketplace for digital products(photo, audio, wordpress templates)
  • Bulk SMS software
  • Team management software for sporting clubs
  • Bitcoin Exchange
  • Job Portal website
  • Build multiple micro services for invoicing app and salesforce
  • Implemented 2FA for frontend and admin dashboard